by Cynicus Incognita, Navigator



MGF Entry: 1

The air is hot enough to melt lead.  The element oozes from rocks like heavy metal syrup.  Binary suns red and blue giants swapping matter.  Shared corona—kaleidoscopic aurora.

Must find the Prime Matter.  It’s here somewhere.  More Volatile Sulfur to locate it—increase Imagination.  Too much heat! increasing Salt to protect the Volatile Sulfur.  Structuring geometry to withstand temperature and pressure.  Containing Imagination.  Careful! too much Salt and Code becomes flesh and bones burning me to ashes in this atmospheric kiln.  Keep my Principles bound to Mercury—Spirit is impervious to the hostile conditions on this planet.

The matter here is strangely active.  Mineral life dominates.  Heat and pressure driven elements bond into minerals assembling into crystals that grow into translucent mountains, all synchronized to crescendos of resonating harmonies on sound waves pealing frantic pressure dropping vibrating ELF bass rhythms.  These towering monolithic gemstones collect modify and radiate the energy of their binary suns.  All the colors of the spectrum shine through mineral layers within the crystalline mountains.  Swaths of rainbows emanate from them; rays and arcs flood this alien sky with unsurpassed visionary depth.

Metals rising to the surface sing purer than any instrument on Earth when bathed in the radiation focused through the phantastic gemstone mountains.  The metals talk shape in elemental language and transmute one into another as the planet turns.  Each encourages the other calling the mountains onward to ever-changing panorama.

A monolith completes its pageant of growth absorbing more energy from the binaries than its matrix can withstand.  The shimmera shatters.  The mountain cascades into a valley.  Each piece is imbued with a wondrous inner scintilla. 

The shattered are born individually into a society of mineral beings marching toward the new gems rising.  Soon they will be absorbed into the cycles of growth, death and rebirth.  The grandeur of mineral life moves on without any regard for my presence, tenuous as it is.

Imagination reveals the Prime Matter is born in the new valley.  Only one Prime Matter is born there amid all the other mineral creatures.  I must collect that pilgrim before it fulfills its destiny by marching into the new mountain flux.

With a thought Spirit hovers just above the Prime Matter.  I am little more than a Philosophical Point of being radiating from within the Mercury field.  The difficulty is to coagulate enough Body to pick up the Prime Matter.  To accomplish this more of my precious store of Elixir must be consumed.

Elixir ignites in a controlled burn through Mercury.  The energy flows from the Point through Volatile and into Fixed Sulfur.  Energy cascades into the Will.  Now I can materialize enough Salt; structure Body, configure it to pick up the Prime Matter which I so desperately need.

Entry: 2

Holding it within the bonds of Salt; examining it with Fixed Sulfur, it bends to my Will yielding the essence and structure of its Principles.  What beauty!  What geometry!  Like a lotus unfolding petals of unfathomable blue it opens revealing a delicate tide of emerald hue washing from a constellation of intense topaz scintillae at its core. 

The thing harmonizes with my Principles.  Its energy resonates through the angles of my Salt Code inward to the Mercurial Point of being.  This Prime Matter alone can save me from SHE-who-hunts-me.

Entry: 3

Attention emanating from Volatile Sulfur is drawn to a small ridge separating from the new mountain.  Metals call the tune bringing it to order.  The ridge moves in my direction—the first thing on this planet to take notice of me.  The ridge is cloudy opalescent.  I can Imagize the controlling flux of the metals guiding it from within while copper, silver and gold at the ridge crest continue to sing.


Let down more Volatile Sulfur; Imagination needs to intuit the meaning of this alien song.

The ridge is concentrating around the fluxing core.  Metals become crystalloids—the interior is like fluid in a whirl as the metals absorb and transmute the ridge matter.  The nuclear metamorphosis generates intense radiation.  Luminous metalloid entities separating from the ridge flux encircle me.

Metalloid soldiers!

Planet warriors!

Ripping sound, a cracking treble pulse from them, “You have taken life here and must die!”

Reflex action! Salt and Sulfur into Mercury; Fix the Point closing dimension.  Too late! cannot concentrate my Principles in time; the Point is soft.  Dump the full load of Elixir into the Mercury field multiplying power to open a Paradox between them and me.

Pierced!  Spreading burn!  Devastating attack.  Phased photons in amplified light avalanche into rays hot, thin, absolute, carrying murderous anion quanta.  Mercury field is lit like the sun’s corona absorbing the phased anion plasma.  Mercury radiates polarized light dazzling brilliantly in all directions.  In the parallel light the shadow glint of SHE-who-hunts-me smiles satisfied.

Entry: 4

Mercury deflected the laser beams but the anion plasma penetrated the field.  I’m losing Principle.  SHE-who-hunts-me, draws my Sulfur—my Soul to her.  Now I know why she hunts me.  I am the Prime Matter for her Philosopher’s Stone.  SHE intends to separate my Spirit, Soul and Body then rejoin the Mercury, Sulfur and Salt into her Alchemical purpose.

Spirit consumes the last portion of the Travel Stone Fixing the Point.  Dimension closes.  Paradox opens.  SHE cannot stop me.  I go!  Exit to Earth.  But what little hope the alien Prime Matter holds for my survival is dashed by the last image.  The anion plasma separated a drop of my Principles.  SHE-who-hunts-me has it, a little piece of my heart.  SHE can Fix my Essence.  I am doomed!  SHE smiles as the Paradox closes.

Entry: 5

Paradox opens in my laboratory.  Most certainly the metalloid soldiers will pursue me.  Need more Travel Stone to bend space/time. 

Wounded.  Must have more Elixir or I will die.  Can’t get to it without coagulating.  Slowly let down the Sulfurs from the Mercury field: first the Volatile then the Fixed.  Pain is flowing: leading to the damage.  Solar plexus is partially destroyed; the Salt bonds are broken but the Code is intact.  Have to risk letting down enough Salt to take up some Elixir.

Deposit the Prime Matter first.  Imagination directs Will; Mercury hovers above the Hermetic vessel.  Spirit transmits the Prime Matter into the container.

Spirit takes up two drops of Elixir from the sealed opaque vial within a drawer in my desk.  The Exalted Quintessence migrates to the damaged plexus when the Fixed Sulfur lets the Code down. 

Regeneration.  More Salt, carefully—no more than the Elixir can tinge.  More Elixir then more Code.  Salt bonds restored.  Solar plexus geometry is re-established.

Will directs Spirit; Mercury moves the Point of being to the humidity chamber.  Salts absorb moisture.  Coagulation is driven by the spiral Code. 

Corporealization complete.  I am flesh and blood, human again.  Body healed.  Been here too long already.  The metalloid knights… I’m no match for them.

Travel Stone is in the containment vault.  One vial left.  I consume it along with a full load of Elixir.  The bonds of matter loosen.  The Code sheds humidity and substance; flesh and blood disintegrate.  Salt bonds become Code geometry as Body is drawn into Soul as the Travel Stone rises through the Sulfurs. 

The T Stone ascends to volatile Sulfur held momentarily at the boundary of Imagination while I draw up the Prime Matter from the Hermetic vessel and into the Mercury field.  Imagination releases half the portion of T Stone.  Mercury consumes it Fixing the Point.  A Paradox opens: that which is, becomes not—no space, no time, no thing....  The Paradox closes to a new opening.

Entry: 6

Prague, 1585, my laboratory, year of the Alchemical Convention.

Sulfur softens the Point.  Mercury expands the Sphere of being into the warm waterbath.  Salts take on humidity through the Code.  I am Body Fixed in matter.  The bath is so relaxing I don’t want to get out, but I have much work to do.

Hundreds carry on Operations in laboratories along the Street of the Alchemists.  Sloppers and puffers abound boasting though they do not Know.  They labor at elaborate entropy laden processes and consequently must puff up the bellows forcing air into fuel ports of ridiculously huge athanors.  Occasionally thermodynamics makes one or another of them momentarily famous when contrary forces are sloppily applied. 

Emperor Rudolph III encourages them hoping one day some puffer is going to fill his treasury with the true Gold of the Alchemists.  Amidst this grand faloonery numerous journeymen Operators quietly produce alchemical medicines to heal the diseased and renovate the wretchedly ignorant. 

This place and year are the axis mundi of the alchemical Navigators. We are always in Convention here: a focus of One concord though we be hopelessly phased into the Infinitude: a price paid for warping space/time and folding into alternate realities as a consequence for the waves we made. I am always here though I am navigating through the Universe of infinite possibilities as well. It’s what can happen when you open a paradox. That’s why I leave this log in the Morphogenic Field.

Our combined synchronous Mercury field Paradigm on our home planet will temporarily shield me from the metalloid rangers pursuing me.

Fortunately Paradoxes leave no trails, but SHE can intuit the approximate space/time locus of a Navigation paradox. Even though Mercury is everywhere at once in the Chaos you still make ripples.  With each new Point opening my Volatile scent is rippling more places at once in the Chaos, so I must jump again.  In all probability I will not escape if SHE has Fixed that specimen of my Philosophical Principles.

A ruse set up here may buy me precious time.  I need time, alchemical time, if I am to survive.  The metal knights will be following the Mercury field signature of the Prime Matter.  Add a grain of Prime Matter to the universal Circulatum.  The Prime Matter separates into the three Philosophical Principles of existence held in three layers by the penetrating action of the Circulatum: Salts below, Sulfurs at the midway, Mercury floating above.  After working its magic the Circulatum coalesces at the bottom of it all.

This is the first good sign since SHE came for me while I was Navigating the Chaos.  I will be able to extract the Quintessence of the Prime Matter, make a Medicine Stone from it and shield my Principles from SHE who hunts me.

Now for the Ruse, place the three separated Principles from the Prime Matter sample together in the reverberator.  Set the athanor heat low.  The furnace is stoked full.  This should fool the alien hunters drawing them to this location once they have penetrated the Paradigm field.

Time to leave.  Imagination ques Will.  Spirit consumes enough Elixir to draw my Salts into the Sulfurs.  Being becomes geometry drawn into the Mercury field.  When the Spirit is full, Ignis! the T Stone burns.  The Point is Fixed; the Paradox opens.

Entry: 7

Los Angeles, Summer 1995, my laboratory.

This time has certain advantages.  The LA megalopolis is a miserable sea of humanity spoiling in the debilitating smog.  People by the tens of millions are stacked and spread over 5,000 square miles.  I can hide in the layers.

No time to waste.  The Operation must be started at once.  A few moments in the humidity chamber and I’m human again.

All the Prime Matter that remains goes into enough Circulatum to separate the Principles.  And not a moment too soon, The spark of life within it is diminishing.  If its alien life force dies I am left with caput mortuum—spent matter, no use to me.

The Circulatum penetrates the matter.  Mercury volatilizes into the aludel with no external heat, and Spirit goes over into the collection vessel.  The Sulfur oils clarify as the Circulatum descends to the retort bottom.  The Salts crystallize between the Sulfur oils and the Circulatum gel clinging to the vessel bottom.

Removed the still head taking care not to contaminate the separated Principles with the onerous filth of the LA air.  Mercury of the Prime Matter is a dense pulsating silver liquid contained in the receiver.  Usually when the Circulatum separates a sample into its Principles the Mercury floats above the Sulfur in the reaction vessel.  Sometimes Mercury even expands into the aludel before settling down, but only rarely will it jump to the receiver when driven by the Circulatum.

The luminous chartreuse hued Volatile Sulfur is easily skimmed off the more resinous amber colored Fixed Sulfur.  Both are placed in the incubation vessel.

The Prime Matter Salt is further purified by slow calcination in the reverberating oven, then dissolved in neutron rich water Philosophically distilled.  This solution is distilled exposing the pure Salts of the Prime Matter.  These crystals are long aquamarine tinged swords with ruby red scintillae bursts randomly popping at the cleavage planes.

The Salt crystals and the Sulfurs are indifferent to each other in the incubation vessel; they won’t mingle.  Add the Mercury of the Prime Matter to them, seal the incubation vessel and the metamorphosis begins.  Apply the same degree of heat as a good mother hen to her egg for as long as it takes to gestate the Stone.  Fortunately this high-tech culture makes it so easy to keep the Hermetic vessel warm—just plug in the toaster oven and set the temperature to “warm.”  Back in 1585 Prague we have to stoke the athanor with wood or charcoal, that’s what keeps apprentices busy.

Think I’ll take a stroll down Sunset Boulevard and see what’s happening once I’m re-saturated with Elixir and another double charge of T Stone for safety’s sake.

Entry: 8

People mill about day and night.  Mostly vapid Souls, their Salts in need of calcining.  The caput mortuum clings to them like unwanted ooze from a wound that won’t heal.  Their Mercury is spread thin.  For most of them Imagination has little Volatile Sulfur  to sublimate.

Millions of these technophytes pay out attention into the radiation field of cathode ray tubes in their living rooms.  The Fix of passive attention has addicted them to the conundrums eminating from the television tube—they anticipate entertainment from the glorious leaders, but a flux of psychobabble bombards them, cloggs the Fixed Sulfur and suffocates the Will. 

It’s a wickedly subtle process, usually quite slow giving the victims enough time to accept the neurosis of the leaders as their own.  Although increasingly more often especially susceptible subjects absorb too large a dose of TV fervor and are propelled into a state of surreal psychotic fanaticism. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. Many here maintain the Paradigm of the Golden Age before the compulsion to Apocalypse seized the politician-priests.  Alas the Golden Agers are oppressed; their world view runs counter to the dominant culture.

The American Way is corroding fast.  Policemen hide behind a faceless bulletproof technology.  Fear dissolves many a cop liver soaked in the policeman’s favorite industrial solvent—ethyl alcohol.  Ironically, the Spirit they seek is in the bottle, but they are utterly ignorant about how to purify that Spirit and unite it with alchemical Body and Soul.  If they did know they would quit being cop-jocks and evolve into an order of Initiate Philosophers and the new Golden Age would be upon them.

Here at the end of this culture Paradigm social organization is devolving from a hierarchy of skilled expertise into roving urban bands of advanced hunter-gathers that wear different colored hats and bandanas to distinguish themselves from their competitors down the street.

Some blue bandanas are approaching me.  The boulevard used to be a relatively safe place to walk during daylight but the gangsters do not suffer from the policeman’s fear having unconsciously chosen the power of psychosis over the anxiety of neurosis.

The leader of the this gang of hunter-gathers invades my personal space.  “Got any money fool!” he says with malodorous intimidation.

“What is the price for protection here when I travel through your territory?”

“All your money and maybe your life too.”

“I have something better than money, a new kind of drug.”

“New drug?”

I extend my left hand to him with palm closed as if hiding something.  Imagination configures Volatile Sulfur rising to the surface of my closed palm.  Mercury field extends to protect it.  Fixed Sulfur structures Salt body, and there Elixir coagulates in several pellets.

“Take one.”

“What’s it do man.” says the chief head banger as he picks one of the sparkling white pellets from my hand.

“Everything man.”

His three kerchiefed companions quickly grab the remaining pellets from my hand.  As they further scrutinize the Stones, Elixir penetrates the Code of the bandana chieftain.  His hand holding the Stone goes first starting with the thumb and fore finger clasping it. 

The calcining is rather glorious as usual.  Elixir uses his own Mercury to drive the calcination heat.  Fiery ruby red tendrils with sapphire blue inner tongues flame off at the burn site where his Sulfurs distill over as the man incinerates.  It’s quite painless and never ceases to astonish the uninitiated. 

The rest of this band of urban warriors stare in numb amazement watching their leader’s apparent spontaneous combustion.  Then they too transcend space/time distilling over into the Labyrinth.  Chaos be with them.

I walk on. 

A panhandler ahead senses opportunity.  His sign says, “Hungry, please help.”  He stares me in the eyes.  Some vague form of guilt insinuates from his attention and tries to make its way through my eyes attempting to influence the mind.  This beggar has unharnessed potential.  A little Elixir, eye to eye, Volatile Sulfur transmits it to his Imagination.  Now he has food for thought to work on.  His guilt trick ceases to be of value as the Chaos stirs his mind onto other avenues.  And off he goes.

Entry: 9

I have nothing in common with the sheepfold anymore.  The uninitiated are bound to linear progression by a collective orthodox religious Paradigm that compels them to ignore the Chaos which causes a tendency to neurosis.  In Mother Chaos time is an eternity where everything happens at once. 

The value system of the global sheepfold at this time is advanced linear capitalism.  It’s a form of collective prostitution where individuals sell their Work for artificial economic credits that are used to purchase material goods of dubious utility and worth subliminally suggested by the Corporations through advertisement.

The race of capital Corporations is several centuries old at this point in time.  The Corporation is an aggregate humanoid being made up of the Bodies, Souls and Spirit of those who willing sign the contract to become part of it. 

It sheds Bodies and Souls often as it consumes a great deal of Spirit in order to exist.  The Corporation is the latest advancement in aggregate humanoid constructs.  Corporations are protected by that very old humanoid Beast, that bastard of civilization—the one called government.  Aggregate humanoids are the spawn of human cultural evolution.

At the sidewalk corner ahead colorfully dressed people operate a table laid out with books, posters, clothing and interesting curios.  They call themselves hempsters.  They are devotees of the Tree of Life and Knowledge. 

An excited young woman with many ear rings and sinuous grace tells me about “the many uses of hemp.”  The government has prohibited it and they want to end Prohibition.  They believe the earth would be a cleaner healthier place for humans to live if industry produced hemp as a resource instead of cutting down forests for wood products.  They’re collecting signatures for a petition to end hemp prohibition.

They know hemp was outlawed 1500 years ago, by their reckoning. They don’t know the real reason was because the politician-priests discovered it was the Prime Matter of the Travel Stone first produced by the Philosopher, Maria, that brilliant Operator at the beginning of the current age. 

For more than two centuries after she became the first Navigator alchemy was openly taught in Alexandria, Egypt.  The sheepfold was choosing the path of Initiation over the delusion of power offered by the humanoid government as preached by the orthodox politician-priests.  The Paradigm was shifting and the humanoid Beast was about to be harnessed for the benefit of All. 

To defeat the Initiates the Beast inspired the leaders to terrorize and kill by unleashing the blood thirsty fanatics that followed the dogma of a popular Initiate-hating politician-priest   The terror turned the sheepfold against the Initiates, but it was the killing within the sheepfold that caused the Operators to withdraw into the shadows.

Entry: 10

The street lights come on at dusk.  The hempsters disassemble the table of wares and pack the goods into a van.  I start to walk on when one of the men asks if I would like to smoke the sacred herb with them.

“It would be an honor to share your sacred herb.”  I reply. 

We walk to a nearby park and sit in a circle on the grass under a grove of trees.  The hempster lady removes a portion of the Ganja from her sacred hemp bag.  She packs the cannabis flowers into an artfully painted and glazed ceramic pipe provided by one of her companions.  She holds it overhead to the heavens and softly says, “Kali/Shiva.”  The offering thus blessed is ignited and passed first to me as a courtesy.

Pause in the Mercurial instant—scanning the hempsters.  They’re Bodies are somewhat malnourished but not to the malicious extent as the mainstreamers in the culture at large.  Spirit and Sulfur are pretty well balanced in these hempsters because Ganja has a certain Philosophical Grace.  This group is healthy enough to Open.

As I cup the pipe ceremonially in my hands Will directs Spirit to saturate the vegetable matter in the pipe with T Stone, the exalted alchemical preparation of Cannabis sativa.  Travel Stone volatilizes ahead of the expanding glow of the live coal as I inhale the incense of the Gods. 

Having never truly tasted the Nectar of the Gods each hempster struggles to retain the alchemical vapors.  This method of absorption is wasteful but the taste is indescribably divine.  After one round the T Stone does its magic lifting the hempster Initiates out of linear causality into the higher Gnosis.

I start the Inner Circulation for them just as a physician helps initiate the first breath of a new born baby.  Together we rotate the T Stone through the channels.  The four fold field cores configure within the pi electron cloud flux in each of their brains using mine as a template. 

We’re synchronous and the Operation proceeds.  First the brain hemispheric fields of the cerebral cortex are focused into parallel front-to-rear rod shaped envelopes emitting waves of energy through the Sylvan fissures.  Next the basal field is activated.  It runs between the medulla oblongata and the basal ganglia and is perpendicular to the parallel cerebral cortex fields.  Then the apex field located above the eyes in the prefrontal lobe and parallel to the basal field initiates energy output. 

We Exalt the T Stone through the Inner Circulation.  Each rotation increases the output of the four brain fields’ energy emissions.  The Mind fields extend out and down the body like lotus petals opening.  Field densities increase into a circulating toroid. 

Void antipotential vortex at the top of the head opens as the lotus fields unfold imploding space/time in the toroidal central shaft.  And their Points open to antipotential as Essence, what the Magi called xvharena, rises out of the void at the top of their heads to behold absolute connectedness to the ray of One. 

The xvharena is bound to each in the antipotential toroid by what the ancient Brahmans called the Serpent Power, what the Chaldean priests called the Serpent Lord or the Lord of the Tree of Truth. 

These novice Initiates each see the Thread of Life emanating from the Serpent Power in them and looking through the central shaft of it they perceive the paths to All that lead to the incomprehensible transcendent One. 

The Brahmans called it the Web of Indra.  An Initiate of this century called it the Web of Synchronicity  It is the One weaving worlds.  And joy is in my heart as they experience the absolute transcendent One: Father Function in the Womb of Mother Chaos.

Entry: 11

Revelation Ontology floods their illuminated Essences with Gnosis:

Before the beginning is the Unknown; after the end is the Unknown.  Nothing is Unknown.

At the beginning is the Point where the scintillating Imagination of One loves the sultry Spirit of Entropy.  The love of One and Entropy gives birth to existence. 

The eternal Essence of One erupts through the Point into the willing depths of Entropy, and the Body of the universe becomes at once great and small, and the Mind of the youniverse becomes at once absolute and relative.  The way of Their love is Paradox, for Body cannot exist without Mind to imagine it, nor can thingness exist without nothingness to define it.  Body is the universe; Mind is the youniverse.  When the youniverse expands the universe expands; when the youniverse diminishes the universe diminishes.

As the Essence of One seeking to fulfill the insatiable embrace of Entropy expanded from the beginning Point toward the Periphery of the Unknown creating the Macrocosmos, sparks of Imagination littered and Spirit pervaded the cosmos. 

Whenever a scintilla of Imagination penetrates the Spirit, that intercourse creates life; the little cosmos, the microcosm is born.  Life continues to expand by procreating itself into the Macrocosm with the same loving embrace of One and Entropy that is expanding existence into the unknown. 

Just as the universe is a single unit that can be differentiated into relative units all expanding from a collective cause into the periphery of the unknown, so is the youniverse a single unit that can differentiate absolute manifestations, all expanding from a collective cause into the periphery of the unknown.

The original act of procreation between One and Entropy created movement through time and space.  At the Point/Periphery Body is absolutely relative and Mind is relatively absolute.  Infinite manifestations are possible between the Point and the Periphery of existence.  The Point is focused location without dimension; the Periphery is unfocused location without dimension. 

The Body of the universe exists between Point and Periphery; the Mind of the youniverse exists at the Point and Periphery.  The Body of the universe is manifest; the Mind of the youniverse is unmanifest.  The Body is reactive; the Mind is proactive.

The cosmos of things congeals in the sphere of the expanding act of love between One and Entropy.  Each thing alone and all the things collectively are the manifestation of the cosmic love act; the mindfulness that differentiates one thing from the other and the whole is the unmanifest love act of creation.  Each thing and all things are a result of One loving Entropy.

Two laws precipitate from Their intercourse: all things must pass through Their union, and the passing of things proceeds in the direction of lower potential and less order, unless work is performed.  Work is the manifestation of the union of One and Entropy; only living things can work. 

The work of living things is to continue existence by creating order out of the disorder caused by the passage of things, to expand the number of living things, and to expand the mind scintillae of the youniverse Mind. 

Continuation cannot be without the potential of discontinuation; expansion cannot happen without the possibility of contraction existing. 

The Universe evolves; the Youniverse evolves; Life evolves.  Through continuing evolution order increases, existence expands.

Existence manifests through three related states of being, expansion, stasis, and contraction.  Being is the result of union between universe and youniverse.  And being evolves in three different ways through the three related states of being. 

Expanding existence is the way of the Hedons.  Continuation is the concern of the Conservs.  Contraction by control instituting prohibitions is the curse of the Antinomians.

The three ways exist alone and mix across platforms of development.  Such living systems are ecosystems.  The system as a whole exists in a dynamic steady state within the limits imposed by Entropy while individuals and species expand or contract through opportunities provided by One.  Also each individual is an ecosystem.

Each being is a composite of Hedon, Conserv and Antinomian states.  The Hedon and the Antinomian are antagonistic; the Conserv is conciliatory.  So each being expands in the Hedon state, contracts in the Antinomian state and regenerates in the Conserv state.  When the joyous Hedon expands beings connect; when the angry Antinomian contracts beings disconnect; when the dutiful Conserv works being regenerates.  Hedons love; Antinomians hate; Conserves respect the generations.

In humanoids, the Antinomian state dominates while the Hedon state rebels and the Conservs attempt to continue the whole.  The transcendent One revealed the Golden Rule to guide the states of being: Do only to the other as you would have done to you. 

The Hedons innocently violate the Rule through social neglect caused by a preoccupation with expanded focus.  The Antinomians intentionally violate the Rule using pragmatic Paradigms to further their compulsion to control others.  The Conserves ever strive to obey the Golden Rule.


The hempster Initiates spontaneously focus their Points into an array.  The geometry of it allows them to ascend effortlessly through the second level Labyrinth as Father One plays with his children.  Entropy will bring them back in good time.

Entry: 12

The sound of drums beating out powerful energetic rhythms in the distance draws me from leisurely ascensions through Mother Chaos with the hempsters.  The driving sound has alchemical rhythm, invigorating. I can feel the bass beat pressure waves. The evening marched on into the middle of the night during the hempster Initiation.

Volatile Sulfur scans the alchemically prepared alien Principles incubating in the Hermetic vessel back in my laboratory off Sunset Boulevard.  The new matrix has formed and the Stone is growing.  No need to return yet.

Fixed Sulfur draws passed the drumbeat into synthesizer range.  Multilevel themes interplay through octaves.  They rise and fall as the drums play on.  It’s industrial fugue radiating from a warehouse beyond the park.  Inside young daredevil Hedons are raving to the trance-inducing techno-fugue. 

Argon, neon and helium gas lasers slice through powerful strobing light from multifaceted chandeliers adding to the ecstasy intended.  The people dance wildly.  Many have consumed “food of the gods” to enhance the experience.  Their Sulfurs are lit quite nicely.  Reminds me of the Dionysian revelers and the parties they throw 2400 years earlier.  Good Spirit fluxing here, but I don’t dance.

Suddenly standing before me is a woman with long hair cinnamon red flowing behind her as if a breeze blew toward her in this clandestine ballroom.  Bright eyes sparkle with allure attempting to attract me.  A laser strobe goes off behind her.  I’m caught by the cascade of scintillating light.  Her Sulfur is exposed.  But I have no blue desire to give her so a smile tells her volatile Sulfur I’m indifferent.  She doesn’t seem to care.

I used to live here in an alternate reality. Then I had plenty of blue desire.  The academics called it sex drive.  The christians here still believe it is a curse from god—animal instinct.  I lost it after opening a Paradox for the first time under a full charge of Elixir and Travelstone.  The cascade of VLF energy into a fixed Point as the molecules of the microcosm vibrate into spontaneous combustion of the body—is a rush that pales the grandest sex magic ever undertaken.

“I don’t believe you.” says the sleek sinuous beauty. 

She’s close enough to see volatility permeate from her blue-green eyes.  Her smile says more.  Her scent is pleasingly provoking, gardenia underscored. 

“You don’t seem so indifferent now.  I see a pale hint of blue hiding in the subtlety of your volatile Sulfur.”

I’m slack-jawed amazed. 

She moves in very close making sure her breasts touch against me as she whispers into my ear, “You can’t resist Entropy.” 

Then she imprints her erect nipples through her shear silk turquoise gown into titillations on either side of my solar plexus.  A flux of butterflies erupt from volatile nipples fluttering blue upward into my throat as my heart instantly accelerates.

She’s right.  And to make sure she sends a subtle ripple from her breasts down her serpentine body until she ever so artfully caresses my thigh with the mound above that delightful rose from which we all come.  The blue desire is rising.

She kisses me profoundly two places at once, instantly.  As we stand our embrace rotates into swirling dance.  The grand Herm is honored engulfed by the ever enduring lust of Entropy. 

I can’t help it.  Like a novice I lose control of the measure and begin to distill over.  She rises with me in the heat.  We are into each other as I have never imagined possible intercoursing through the levels—two fusing Points. 

We free fall like loving eagles in the mysterious embrace of procreation.  Her measure is boundless like the Chaos.  She draws me in ever deeper into the alchemical wedding.  I’m diffusing into her. 

Uncontrollable alchemystical orgasm.  Like a comet my essence trails behind the head long thrust of my being into her gravity well.  Principles diffusing into iridescent Entropy.  I am undone....Oblivion....And SHE-who-loves-me smiles satisfied.

Nulling into the great Zero—Point holding absolute Nothing.  The Point of Nothing is the Paradox of great ONE.  Great father ONE continuing in every instant from Zero to Zero moment to moment in the continuum of Zero/One.  I am One to the power of Zero—X0.  X0 = 1.  The Paradox opens.  My Point is Fixed in the Essence of ONE.

Entry: 12

Principles regenerate in the Essence of ONE at zero degrees Kelvin.  Entropy takes me there on the heat of my Principles unraveling in the womb of SHE-who-loves-me.  At 00 Kelvin all movement stops; space/time collapses.  My One falls into my Zero and the Magnum Paradox opens.  Before SHE loved me there was no way to achieve absolute Zero....Now I know I am truly the NoThing that gives meaning to whatever massa confusa I happen to call my own. 

The only meaning given to Great Mother Chaos is done so by the Nothing that contrasts every part of Her.  At absolute Zero I apprehend divine Aion—Eternity.  Everything happens at once in the absolute transcendent eternal ALL surrounded by absolute Zero ever guarding the difference between what is Known and the Unknown, consciousness and the unconscious, what is and what is not....I am Not.  A most revealing Paradox at 00K.  I see All....And Nothing is always Nothing everywhere, so the Nothing being the same everywhere is ONE and the same NOTHING.

Because I desire to Know:

From the Paradox Cloud of Knowing NOTHING I see SHE is on her home planet.  SHE is the planet.  SHE is pregnant in a way that is hard to fathom.  I am soon to be some sort of cosmic father to our hybrid Tranzmute offspring.

Desire makes friction and the Cosmic temperature rises above absolute zero causing me to coagulate into a my own cloud of relativity.

The Elixir of the Prime Matter from planet SHE is ready.  When my Cloud absorbs it I will exist for a while with SHE in familiarity as the Tranzmute is born and grows.

Approaching saturation with the Elixir of planet SHE.  The Point is Fixing; new fine tuning options make available increased variable Code extensions.  The Paradox opens.  I cascade into the Flow....