Saga of the Venomous Toad: The Grand Herbal Elixir

Alchemy Engineered Spagyrically Prepared

lwowl (Lw Owl) © 12-17- 2010


Ripley Scroll


Alchemy Philosophical Premise


In beginning the digesting Spirit reined

down from the Heavens multiveined

having risen from the fermentation of the sweet cane.

Spirit ingest Great Cain Vegetable Light

Incubate in Earthen wife

Mercury over the head

Arise from massa dead

Then came waters Philosophic

necessary for yer Prophet.

Herb life


Philter twice.

Venomous Toad

Menstruum lode

sweating Elemental Heat

be great Adeptus feat.

Wash his skin

in his phlegm.

Philosophical bitumen

Sulphur cannot ripen

lest Body Whiten.

Incinerate Phoenix Ashes, gray albedo:

two stages convenient credo.

Marry Spirit of the White Queen

to Soul of the Black King.

Elixir nest Phoenix ashes

Knowing Light masses

‘till yer Work be Golden Great.

Perfection last stage generate

Philosophical concentrate

Alchemically separate

Quintessence circulate

Open pore First Matter realm

Adept You

may slip thru

at the helm.

Gnosis Information System bliss

Esoteric IS

Cosmos in Chaos

Philosopher’s Toroid loads

Universe Unfolds.



spir_anim_sal.jpg1613_alchemy_german_rare (23).jpg





Spagyric Preparation:


Digest flowers and leaves of the Great Cain in the fermented Spirit of the Sweet Cane from the Islands of the Virgin where pirates once dwelled. Do so in a dark space in an earthen place one to six months rest; the vessel in underground chamber be the best.

Separate massa from menstrum: press it dry. Let it stand ‘till the feces settle. Then decant into proper vessel and let the Spirit fly ‘till herb essence be married to the Universal Plant Solvent in receiver rest.

Take yer Mercury; set it aside. Let yer head continue on. Waters of the Work be next rain. Collect this Phlegm be the regimen. Save the last for the first.




In this phase the Toad’s skin forms on the surface of the waters after Mercury flies with the Spirit. Slowly it forms; patience be your guide lest the sea boil and the Toad burns away with his skin. And his Sulfur be lost.


012_sm.jpg 035_sm.jpg


Wash his venom pocked skin with the last phase of the phlegm until the Sulfur of the Black King remains. This be yer philosophical bitumen. Here the secret may be said: Sulfur need not be red for that is another work: the Great Arcanum of alchemy.





Dry massa’s secret inner fire ignite as the pitchmen do. Next take yer Phoenix nest to 10500 Farenheight; slow climb to one hour’s time there be rite. Save these cinders.





Collect yer Mercury from the Spirit flight along with yer Sulfur asphaltum from the Toad skin venom fight. Pour yer Mercury into the proper vessel. Heat glass no greater than fingers can touch. Drop in Sulfur and White Queen ardor will engulf Black King essence: Mysterium Conjunctionis. And the Golden Elixir be nearly done.



The King and Queen are wedding blest. Add the Phoenix nest so the Golden Elixir will be born when you give their intercourse a gentle swirling zest. Let the trio settle. Golden Elixir now be berthed in the vessel floating above the Medicine Earth. Decant and filter philosophers’ Elixir. Suffer not the Medicine Earth be dry. Cherish both for their priceless worth.




And so ends the Spagyric preparation of the Grand Herbal Elixir of the Great Cain and its Therapeutic Earth. The saga is not complete. Integrate Great Cain Elixir: Pilot yer Inner Sea to the Cavern of Eternal Springs: Sync this whorld in yer orbits. Initiate Emerald Tablet: Concentrate, Circulate the Philosophical Quintessence flux. Open the 12 Gates... Become the Grand Arcanum: the Great Mystery...

As above, so below.


‘Tis true without falsehood, and most real: that which is above is like that which is below, to perpetrate the miracles of One thing.  And as all things have been derived from One, by the thought of One, so all things are born from One by adoption.

The Sun is its father; the Moon is its mother.  The Earth is its nurse; The belly of the Wind carries it.  Here is the essence of every Perfection in the world.  Its s trength and power prevail when turned into earth; thou wilt separate the earth from fire, the subtle from the gross, gently and with great care.

It ascends from earth to heaven, descends again to earth and receives the power of the higher and the lower.  By this means, thou wilt have the glory of the world.  And because of this, all obscurity will flee from thee.  Within this is the power, most powerful of all powers.  For it will overcome all subtle things, and penetrate every solid thing.  Thus the world was created.  Wonderful adaptations will emerge from this; it is the Way.

And for this reason, I am called Hermes Trismegistus, having the three parts of the philosophy of the whorld.  What I have said of the First Matter’s operations is complete.