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What is Alchemy
by Steve Kalec
What hidden knowledge is to be found in the Alchemists secret language? Is there really such a thing as the Philosopher's Stone?

Alchemical Gnosis
by John Reid III
The science of Alchemy as a whole is chiefly concerned with the raising of vibrations

Better Living Through Alchemy
by Lynn Osburn
Learn how Alchemy can be a guiding tool for self development and personal evolution in the complex and fast changing modern world

Mysteries of Alchemy
by Merelle
In 1990 there appeared a small book in Danish, "Alkymiens Mysterier," the "Mysteries of Alchemy," written by Merelle, a female alchemist.

Elixir of Roses
by Lynn Osburn
Learn how to make a beneficial elixir from rose hips and petals step-by-step.

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