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Invitation from the Editor:

For many years now I've had a vision to build a Hermetic Foundation for brothers and sisters of the Art to work together in collective creativity. I feel the time is right to initiate the project by inaugurating the first step: the publication of Elias: Hermetic Foundation Journal. It is my intention to make this Journal the best and most respected publication on Alchemy and Hermetic Philosophy in the world.

Elias invites and encourages fellow Hermetic artists and pilgrims to submit articles and artwork for publication in future issues. We embrace a wide spectrum of endeavors in addition to Hermetic philosophy including works in the fields of speculative mythology, theology, theurgy, psychology, physics, biology, chemistry and mineralogy; the study of word origins and use including philology and semiotics; and other resources that shed light on the practical applications of alchemy.

Dear Friends of the Art, you are now participating in the first step in making the Hermetic Foundation a reality. We have many more interesting and fascinating topics to explore as Elias: Hermetic Foundation Journal evolves. Elias will be published in web layout format bi-monthly at Hermetic Foundation. All subscribers will be given private access links to the next issues. In addition each Volume will be offered as a perfect bound book printed on quality paper. Each printed Volume will be a complete set of issues of Elias. Any serialized articles that appeared over several issues will be complete within the printed Volume.

Kudos to our first contributors:

I wish to thank Steve Kalec and John H. Reid III for contributing articles to this inaugural issue of Elias. Thanks also go to Ole Jensen, our resident translator for the great work he did to bring Merelle's, "Mysteries of Alchemy" to the English language. Thanks also go to our resident artist, Paul Callender, creator of our fabulous logo for Elias. And I would like to thank Judy Osburn for giving us permission to use a scan of her beautiful Magnum Opus alchemical metal art in gold and silver as the Hermetic Foundation logo.

The Future:

We are also working to produce compact discs to make use of graphic technologies that offer opportunities to manifest animation of alchemical processes to provide pictures beyond words. In addition this media makes it possible to produce camera documentation of experimental progress in alchemy laboratory work.

We are offering all further issues of Elias by subscription. Those who subscribe will become members of the Hermetic Foundation free of cost. Subscribers receive substantial discounts on the cover price of paper bound volumes of Elias as well as on Compact Discs and other creations produced by Hermetic Foundation.

As you read this we are busy building the Hermetic Foundation website to enrich the Philosophical explorations for all Hermetic Pilgrims.

Hermetic Foundation differs from other alchemy and Hermetic philosophy groups that offer forums to exchange ideas between members, or offer established alchemy courses. Hermetic Foundation is a working group of experimenters, explorers and pilgrims.

Members of the Hermetic Foundation work together (though separated in space) on specific alchemy projects. Projects of interest can be proposed by any member. Members can form teams to experiment on projects. Reports, questions, problem solving are all part of the group effort. Hermetic Foundation will publish Reports from time to time detailing project work.

Hermetic Foundation is established to create a home base where experimenters and explorers of Nature, through Alchemy and Hermetic Arts and Sciences, can share experience and Gnosis. This foundation of Knowledge and applications is built on the cornerstones: Cooperation, Research, Examination, Experimentation, and Discussion.

Hermetic Foundation funding comes from subscriptions to Elias, specified projects donations, sale of publications including perfect bound Volumes of Elias, and Hermetic Foundation artwork and CD projects.

The Hermetic Foundation website will have elements open to the public, and private areas for membership activity.

Please join us in this new Foundation, a Basis for the Ages where brothers and sisters in the Art work together in Cooperation, Research, Examination, Experimentation and Discussion.

Thank you for your participation,

Lynn Osburn


One year subscription to Elias: $30 US.

For a subscription to Elias, Hermetic Foundation Journal contact Lynn Osburn: LynnOsburn@starband.net

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Coming Attractions

Elias, Hermetic Foundation Journal 

Mysteries of Alchemy  by Merelle

Chapter 3: A Kings Vision

dragon smallFairy tales relate that dragons are very old and almost invincible. They represent strong universal forces, and therefore it was a task for knights and crusaders to overcome the mighty dragon. Saint George fought against the dragon, and the unstoppable Jason stole the golden bough from the guarding dragon.

There existed a dragon cult and dragon mystery in the past, but what was the dragon, and what is the source of the fairy tale? The secret is revealed in an alchemical text, written by the French king Charles the 6th , who ruled 1380-1422. The king called his scripture Oeuvre Royale de Charles  VI, Roi de France ( the Royal Work of Charles the 6th, King of France).

Chapter 4: The Red Spring

Alchemists call iron the first, primitive matter among metals. It belongs under the first active spring sign, Aries, and is dedicated to the war god Mars. Astrologers say the same, but where does such a view of iron come from? Were alchemy and astrology part of a very ancient science? Something could indicate this, for both astrology and alchemy are forms of philosophy and gnosis that extend the farthest back in time. Already the old Egyptians were involved with these subjects, as were the Babylonians, Arabs, and Jews, long before our own era and religion.


Introducing the StoneWorks Laboratory

alchemist laboratory

gold2_7Hermetic Foundation workers at the StoneWorks laboratory have been operating on several Magestries in the three kingdoms of Nature. Journeymen skilled at all levels of laboratory art have been experimenting with very interesting results to be revealed in an ongoing saga unraveling the Mysteries of Alchemy: Path of Merelle.

The StoneWorks laboratory will present easy to follow Spagyric procedures to make plant Magestries. The work in this kingdom of Nature is not so fraught with dangers typically encountered in the laboratory on the Mineral Path. The work with plants on the simplest level can be done in the kitchen. Yet the results are still truly beyond the ordinary. We have presented the Elixir of Roses in Elias 1. In Elias 2 the StoneWorks lab will present the Magestry of Horehound: Spagyric Preparation of Herb Horehound also known as, Eye of Horus 


Better Living Through Alchemy by Lynn Osburn

Chapter 1: Ancient Alchemy East and West

Egyptian medallionThe Western philosophical discipline called alchemy crystallized around the second century CE.  The earliest al­chemical operators were centered in Alexandria, Egypt.  They adapted ancient Egyptian, Babylonian and Hindu metallurgical procedures to pursue their investigation of the Spirit in the matter.  These procedures possessed magical and religious importance for the Egyptian and Babylonian priesthoods, especially the methods used to refine gold and other metals from rock ore and to make synthetic stones of religious significance.  However, the quintessential paradigm underlying alchemy seems to be the marriage of Hindu tantric alchemy with the teachings of the enigmatic Taoist sage, Lao Tsu, who lived in China about 2400 years ago.


Alchemical Gnosis  by John H. Reid III

Chapter 2: Building the Body of Light

Our bodies are nothing more than a conglomeration of cells, of which the average human body posses 75 trillion. The cells that make up the organs of our bodies have a much shorter life span than the 80 years or so the average human consciousness is incarnated.  Many persons do not realize that every seven years the human body regenerates itself.  But it does so upon the predominate blue print of the life style you have been leading. If you smoke, drink, and eat lots of greasy foods etc., and do not exercise, then each successive generation of cells will find themselves built upon a template that is degraded. On this slippery slope it is not long before disease, infirmity, and death are encountered.


Inner Alchemy: Full Circulation of Chi

Fulcanelli Unveiled

Transmute (Part I) by Cynicus Incognita

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What is Alchemy

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Better Living Through Alchemy

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Elixir of Roses